Newborn Puppy Collars 


Puppy ID Bands come with 12 collars in each package.

NEWBORN  8"L x 3/8" W $9.00  For newborns up to two weeks
REGUALAR 12" L x 3/8" W  $12.00  For medium and smaller size breeds
LARGE  14"L x 3/8" W $15.00  For larger breeds   
XLARGE 16" x 1/2" W $18.00  For giant & longer hair breeds (wider)

Newborn is also sold together as a SET with the larger sizes.  The puppies wear the small collars for up to two weeks, and then move up to the larger collars.  Save money and buy as a SET.
In most cases, Puppy ID Bands can be worn from Whelping (newborn) until 8 weeks of age. The bands need to be long enough to keep a secure attachment as the pups grow.   The 7" size is for newborns up to 2 weeks, or toy breeds.  If you are uncertain about the breed size, you should order the larger bands to ensure they don’t outgrow them before 8 weeks.

For larger breeds or for those with long hair, the 1/2" width is recommended.  

There is an upcharge for custom orders.  Please allow additional handling and shipping time for special orders. 

Colors are not always exactly as shown in the pictures.  Although we try to keep them consistent, occasionally colors must be substituted.  

Please Note:  Our Puppy ID Bands are a soft, thin, hook & loop product that is NOT likely to cause irritation to young puppies.  We have sold many thousands of them over the years, with very few complaints.  Just like shoes, they can fit wonderfully on one person and cause blisters on another.  If your puppies experience irritation, stop using them and find another ID method that is more suited to your breed, or sensitive skin. 

Helpful Hints for Best Results:     

*    The Puppy ID Bands should be wrapped straight around so that the velcro attaches to itself properly.

*    The bands should be wrapped loosely, so that they can spin around.  Wrapping too tight may cause skin irritation.

*    The bands should be checked daily for growth adjustments.

*    The bands should be kept free of lint, dirt, etc.  This will hel them to stay securely attached.  The bands can be washed wtih mild soap and water if needed.

*    Snipping the corners of each band to round the edges is recommended before using.  This will prevent the sharp corners from poking the puppy if the band becomes uneven.

*  AGAIN, the bands should be checked often for growth or irritation.  Adjust as needed.  Puppies grow very quickly and the bands can become too small in a matter of hours.



Now softer & thinner

12 per package

Easy to adjust

Self attaching

Pretty colors

No strings 

Easy to clean

All breed sizes


  Newborn  -  8" x 3/8"

  Regular  -  12" x 3/8"

        Large  -  14" x 3/8"

     XL (wider) - 16" x 1/2"

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